About Jae

Personal Trainer/ Coach

Janice Noertemann, professionally and fondly known as JaeFit, is a qualified personal trainer and coach based in South Africa and Germany. She is a Mom and has been in the fitness industry for the past 6 years working as a personal and group trainer, indoors and outdoors, in person and online. Specializing in functional fitness, she is mainly focused on educating through fitness, creating healthy and active habits, and to help and inspire people to achieve greatness even by simply improving on your everyday life and reaching personal fitness goals. She sets the example of how adopting a healthy diet and active lifestyle can change individual lives mentally, physically and spiritually.

Her perspective on achieving the healthy balance between mind and body surpasses achieving desirable aesthetics. She wishes to introduce people to the idea that working out and eating healthy are not only necessary to lose a few kgs but can improve physical limitations, transform lives through every aspect and overall create longevity and bliss.

She specializes in Weight-Loss , Weight-gain, Sports specific training, Pre and Post Natal training, Rehabilitation , Group Training and Sports massage theraphy.

Why Online Personal Training?

You have access to my online sessions as per the time table.  The classes include Strength, Conditioning, and Mobility. I will assist with all round health and wellness and help you improve your strength, power, endurance and mobility. Workouts are customized to your goals. Designed for those who want personalized advice that can be executed at home, on the road, or in the gym. When you’re first starting out, accountability is key, we will monitor your progress and fine-tune your program as you improve.